Winsome Glow Nigeria

About Us

Winsome Glow Global, the parent company of MNF Cosmetics is a Skin Care, Beauty and Allied Products Manufacturing Company, with its Head Office in Lahore, Pakistan.

Winsome Glow is a quality brand of Skin, Beauty and Allied Products, formulated with a blend of proven natural ingredients, using a unique, unequaled Skin rejuvenation and Natural Beauty improving technique.

Winsome Glow Global business model is based on the Export Manufacturing model where the company focuses on Production of Bespoke Products and ship overseas to appointed Strategic Partners who are the Sole Distributors of Winsome Glow Products Portfolio as well as Product Planning, Brands Marketing and Sales Managers for that Country.
In Nigeria, Winsome Glow Global has appointed Paragon Distribution UK who are operating in Nigeria through their Representatives, Great Kar’kata Global as National Distributors and Brand Custodians of Winsome Glow Range in Nigeria.

Great Kar’kata Global, Local Representatives of Paragon Distribution, and Winsome Glow Global are operating from their offices in Lagos at Number 2A Abba Johnson Crescent, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, with close contact and collaboration for synergy of efforts with Paragon UK and MNF in Lahore, Pakistan.

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