Winsome Glow Nigeria

About Us

Winsome Glow Global, the parent company of MNF Industries FZE is a FMCG, Skin Care, Beauty and Allied Products Manufacturing Company. 


MNF Industries FZE is located in KFTZ Nigeria and produces high end quality skin care products. The manufacturing plant is a state of the art and fully automated facility. Due to high levels of demand of “Winsome Glow” products in Nigeria & East Africa, we are constantly improving our production capacity with the unique range of the products.


Winsome Glow is a multinational brand and available in many countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, and United Kingdom. 


Winsome Glow is a quality brand of Skin, Beauty and Allied Products, formulated with a blend of proven natural ingredients, using unique, unequaled skin rejuvenation and natural beauty improving techniques and formulas.

The company’s business model is as follow. We nominate the key distributors in each state/city, and in the same region the company recruits sales officers to visit shop to shop, market to market to book the orders and accordingly redirect them to relevant distributors for timely supplies. MNF Industries FZE uses digital technologies to oversee the sales, order tracking, inventory status, supply chain maintenance, targets, to ensure that everything is done in a perfect and professionally manner. 

MNF Industries FZE appointed distributors are considered authorized distributors. Their contact details can be found on the website page “Nationwide Presence”. 

For the Nigerian market, MNF Industries FZE produces the skin care products according to the regional demands as well as market trends. One of the key components, which contributes to the ongoing success of the company, is the affordable product prices, which the end user/customer benefits from. Our research and development department spend a lot of time and resources identifying not only the market needs and behavior, but also the demographics of the region.  

Winsome Glow Nigeria’s team is highly professional, skilled & experienced. Each batch of the product is tested by the quality control department before it is dispatched to the consumer market. 

Our business philosophy is to offer luxury products at affordable FMCG prices.

Winsome Glow is also introducing a wide range in sachet packing in order to reach to more customers. The Company expects Winsome Glow will be a household name in Nigeria in the skin care range in a very short amount of time. This is the reason we are looking for distributors from all over the country to reach every corner of the country. 

Winsome Glow advertises our products using the latest mediums such as National mainstream TV channels, Renowned FM Radio channels, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, SMS Marketing, Email marketing, Tiktok, Twitter, Linkedin, Billboards, Roadshows, etc 

To become a part of our prestigious company as a distributor, potential distributors may apply by clicking on it “Distribution Request” on the Winsome Glow website (

If the potential distributor qualifies and meets the criteria for distribution in a particular region, Winsome Glow Nigeria will publish their contact details on the website as well as on social media platforms for accessibility. 

Contact Us Via Email, You can also contact us via the Chat Support option on the website.