Women play a vital role in the building and maintenance of any society. They are the glue that holds the framework together. Unfortunately, in many societies, we believe this fact has been overlooked, and the anchors of society have been neglected. MNF Industries/Winsome Glow Global strongly believe that women empowerment is the key element in addressing the issue at hand. Women’s empowerment can be defined to promoting women’s sense of self-worth; their ability to determine their own choices; and their right to influence social changes for both them and others. We MNF Industries FZE/Winsome Glow Global are eager to provide the right opportunities to Nigerian women to enable them to become empowered.

The products we wish to use to facilitate this process of empowerment are beauty products. And let’s be honest, who knows more about beauty products than women? MNF Industries FZE welcomes ALL WOMEN from all parts of Nigeria to be a part of our Company and Multinational brand Winsome Glow.

 Apply today and become empowered/start earning tomorrow.

Our Vision:

MNF Industries FZE is ensures the following:

  1. Equal pay for work of equal value;
    2. Equal share in distribution network for both women and men;
    3. Creating a harmonious work-life balance for both women and men;
    4. Equal representation of women in business and management roles;
    5. Investment in a future of work that works for women.

6- Green & Digital transformations.

“A company manual was prepared as part of a series of publications on key stakeholders’ illustrative practices on gender equality at work under the EU, UN Women and ILO project-

“Empowering women at work through responsible business conduct in first world countries.”

Our Mission.

Women and girls are key agents of development and change. Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is vital to building fair, inclusive, prosperous, and peaceful societies everywhere. Including Nigeria.

MNF Industries FZE is committed to supporting equality across all of its’ work/departments. Furthermore, The Company acknowledges that this work is inextricably connected with race, class, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

How to Apply:

MNF Industries FZE offers a hassle-free & fast track application process.

 Simply download the application form from

Once you have filled it in, please send the completed application form via email to

Alternatively, you can post the completed application form to –

MNF Industries FZE

Industrial Plot #753-54-55

Kano Free Trade Zone Nigeria.


Leadership Philosophy Each Winsome Glow Beauty Products team player is a potential leader. Regardless of the role or position he or she has in the business. We encourage all of our staff to put forward their ideas without fear, with the intention of turning these ideas into action. Should you become a part of the Winsome Glow Team, we will help you to develop the skills and also confidence necessary to challenge status quo.

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