How to become a Distributor

The following are basic requirements that are expected from all potential Winsome Glow Beauty Products distributors. Please ensure that you meet ALL requirements before applying to become a distributor.

  • Financial Requirements – Minimum of N25 million start-up capital
  • Warehousing Facility — Minimum of 500m2
  • Location — The designated coverage area
  • Open Market Outlets — Minimum of 1-outlet per market
  • Personnel – Sales Reps, Operations Manager, etc.
  • Sales and Delivery Vans – Minimum of 2 vans
  • Region — stronghold in supply chain business.


In addition, all potential Winsome Glow Beauty Products distributors must have the following:

  • Enthusiasm and commitment for the business.
  • Good knowledge of the FMCG business.
  • High level of transparency and integrity.
  • The ability to work as a team player.
  • The ability to take instructions from Head Office.
  • Good knowledge of requested region.


Interested Companies/Parties should submit the following;

  • Company’s Registration document.
  • Bank Reference Letter.
  • Tax Certificate.


    Personal Information