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Winsome Glow Beauty Soap is ideal for people who are trying to deal with freckles, dark-spots and scars.Our Beauty Soap can help you get rid of dead skin cells, making your skin younger, brighter and fresher.


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Winsome Glow Beauty Soap is ideal for people who are trying to deal with freckles, dark-spots and scars.

Winsome Glow skin whitening soap contains extra hydrating formula that gives you soft and smooth look as compare to other ordinary soaps. That is why, it makes winsome glow, as one of the best skin care brands in the world.

Our Beauty Soap can help you get rid of dead skin cells, making your skin younger, brighter and fresher.

Why you would definitely love our skin whitening soap?

Nothing feels heaven on earth when you touch your skin and it feels smoother radiant and soft never before. With the use of right beauty product, you can feel smoothness every single day in your life. Make a routine of cleansing and you will feel radiant skin. Our best skin whitening beauty soap carries the gentle whitening formula with the qualities of cream and give you clear skin.

Product Features

  • Removes pigment melanin: reduces the dark pigments present on the skin and gives it a glow,
  • Our soap gives you a good skin lightening regimen,
  • Glutathione: contains naturally derived whiteners,
  • This formula is suitable for men and women both,
  • Better than herbal and non-herbal soaps: enriched with milk, honey and geranium oil,
  • It can be a good cleanser for all skin types,
  • Rejuvenating formula: renew the old pigmented skin with its unique formula.
  • Dry skin woes: It contains Aloe Vera, which is enriched with moisturizing properties. Prevents skin from drying out.


  • It is dermatologically recommended
  • Clinically approved
  • Best moisturizing formula
  • Doesn’t less skin dry like ordinary beauty soaps
  • Retains the skin natural moisturizer
  • Skin gives softer, smoother look
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • For daily use.


Product packaging

Packaging of any product is a mouth piece of what’s inside. In the competitive world of beauty industry, presentation becomes the cause of user attraction. On one hand it speaks about world, and on other hand, it protects the product from heat, sunlight and moist.

Winsome Glow beauty soap uses one folded packaging box. It has a shape of small box, with a hard paper cover that saves the bar from being moist. Bar soap pack gives a shiny look that reflects your skin will glow with the use of what’s inside.

Instead of extra paper for instruction, information is rightly printed on the outside of bar box. It not only saves the environment by using extra paper but also saves customer’s time while buying our product. Customer can readily get the clue of ingredients and make his mind to buy it or not. The highlighted ingredient Liquorice and Mulberry (our key product ingredient) immediately attract the customer.


Winsome Glow beauty bar is Perfect for:

  • To Nourish the dry skin. It does not strip the skin like the rest of the beauty bars. It contains key qualities of beauty cream and give your skin a natural glowing look.


  • To give skin the radiant look. Our skin care formula helps skin to maintain natural moisture. It lets skin soft and smooth after every use.
  • It’s a gentle cleanser: winsome Glow beauty bar soap gently cleanses the dead skin and gives lightening glow.
  • Works on all skin type: Our beauty bar is perfect for all skin types. Its gentle formula makes it suitable for acne prone skin as well.
  • Does not harm the sensitive skin: Its gentle new formula does not harm the sensitive skin.


How to Use Our Beauty Bar?

  • First, use water to wet your hands.
  • Then rub the Winsome Glow beauty bar gently between palms until it lathers up.
  • Massage the lather over your face before rinsing with Luke warm water


Try This Beauty Soap

Replace your usual skin care products for just one Beauty Bar. It’s not only a bar but a whole line of skin care series. we call it our Beauty Bar Challenge. Just give it a try to use seven days twice a day, we are sure think you’ll see the difference, a beautiful soft, glowing whitening skin. Let us start our challenge and see the difference.


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